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Looking for the woman to spend the rest of my life with.

Username: jtacker5379

Country: United States

City: Eastaboga - Alabama

Date of Birth: 13th-September-1964

Age: 57

Height: 6 feet 2 inches/187cm

Weight: 200 lbs (90.7 kg)

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Self Description and Interests
I have traveled all over Europe to places like Germany, Holland, France, England, Luxembourg, back when I was younger. I have a college degree and I am the sales manager for a company here in Anniston that does chrome plating for factories.
Passion, interests and hobbies
I think I know the answer to how to make a woman happy! I do learn from my mistakes. It can be answered in just two statements, 1st "PAY ATTENTION" to what makes you happy and what does not, what turns you on and what does not, what makes you smile and what does not, what things mean a lot to you and what things do not mean much. 2nd "COMMUNICATION" if you look good I will tell you. If you have a problem, I will find out what's wrong, if you are down in the dumps I will ask why, No matter what is going on we will stop, and take time to just talk I am a man that truly loves women and I thank the lord for ladies... I do not have a gay bone in my body. I do not hit women, and I do not play with peoples feelings. I think open communication, trust, honesty, and maintaining your attractiveness, are the keys to maintaining closeness & oneness. I firmly believe that if you water a relationship it will grow into something beautiful, if left UN-watered it will dry up and die.
Type of women seeking
I want to meet a woman that I can respect, pamper, love, spoil, admire. I am not looking for a pen pal and I want a woman for serious relations and marriage someday. I want her to be the one that I will someday wake up with in the mornings and be the first to see her smile, to snuggle with because I will want to be close to her, to tell my secrets too because I will trust her completely, to pillow talk with so I can know all about her day, to make love to because I will want to make her feel good in every way, someone to stand beside me in good time and bad as I will her, to hold hands with because I will be wanting to touch her. She will be the one that will make my eyes sparkle, my heart flutter, and give me that warm feeling when she comes into the room I am in.
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Son in College
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Bachelors degree
Drinking Habit
Light/social drinker
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Do not smoke
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