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Looking for my "Twin Flame"

Username: lwoodsum

Country: United States

City: Concord - New Hampshire

Date of Birth: 25th-September-1972

Age: 50

Height: 5 feet 8 inches/172cm

Weight: 145 lbs (65.8 kg)

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Self Description and Interests
As I get older, I am reconsidering from what countries I am interested in meeting women. We all have our personal preferences and characteristics that we'd like to see in our special someone and after much time spent on searching through profiles and getting to know some women all over the world (literally) I have come to the conclusion that the kind of woman I would like to meet could in fact come from ANY country. However, because of such a large response, I am narrowing down the field of beautiful women to just one country for now ... The Philippines. Once I get a foundation laid down, then I get to concentrate on the inside of a woman and her heart. I should also note here that as I get older I am realizing that I really don't want to be part of raising a child that is younger than 21 years old. I know that cuts out a LOT of you that are searching but please put yourself in MY position. I am at the age now where I would be helping my kids (if I had any) to get OUT of the house. Not still needing to be raised. I know it may SEEM harsh but if you have children that are 21 or younger or still need to live with you I will not be interested in a relationship with you. Maybe now I won't get hundreds of emails a day, hahaha!! I have the typical characteristics of a Libra. My endless search for balance keeps me forever learning and growing. I am full of passion, energy, excitement, and charisma. I love romance. I love life. I love to laugh. I am not afraid to cry. I love shopping (but not for food.) I am tender, kind, caring, loving, considerate, laid back, VERY affectionate, emotional, very forgiving, understanding, intelligent, rugged, yet soft and professional. Fun, faithful, trustworthy, supportive, adventurous, happy, with a sense of humor, family oriented ... and more ...
Passion, interests and hobbies
Favorite quote “Friendship is ALWAYS a responsibility and NEVER an opportunity.” Let it be known, I am older now. Dating for me at this stage of my life has different meaning than it did when I was in my 20’s and 30's. If I need to spell out for you what that means it’s probably a good idea that you click over to the next profile. I am here to meet a wonderful woman that has both the capacity to love a man and to be loved BY that man. I live in Concord, NH, USA. I travel for work all throughout the area and I have 1 day a week off, although that may change soon. For further on down the road, assuming we hit it off and for the right woman I am MORE THAN WILLING to relocate. I am in a situation now where I am not tied to any THING, any PERSON or any WHERE so when the time is right I can just pick up and go since what I have is on a temporary basis. Here are some things that I enjoy in no particular order: Hiking, biking, driving around with no place in mind to go, scenic viewing, taking pictures, eating out at restaurants, going out for ice cream, bowling, ice skating, roller skating, seeing a movie, watching my favorite 4 Boston sports teams live or on TV (but sports don’t run my life and I won’t die if I miss a game … thank God for DVR.) I like reading, thinking, working out, attempting to learn how to meditate, cooking, laying out in the WARM sun, walking in snow and listening to it hit the crunchy leaves (but I don’t like shoveling it), trading Currencies and Binary Options for extra money, head up north to hang out in rustic towns in my area like Burlington, VT or head south to historical cities like Boston, MA. I like listening to music of all kinds, singing along with my music (I have been complimented on my voice all my life), camping, having sex, walking in the neighborhood, going to the beach, walking along a rivers’ edge, tossing a Frisbee in a park or large back yard, driving around in “rich” neighborhoods looking at nice houses, playing board games, card games, get-to-know-you games, playing flirty games, doing puzzles, snuggling on the couch or bed to surf the net or watch TV or a movie. There’s more but you get enough of an idea without being too exhaustive. The first thing people notice about me is: My bald/shaved head. Books I like: The Secret, Mutation, Attractor Factor, Merlin The Magician, anything by Napoleon Hill. Movies I like: Back to the future parts 1, 2 and 3, Time Cop, Time Machine (the more recent one), Wicker Park, Serendipity, Saw, The Life of David Gale, many, many more. Music I like: 80's rock/metal/top 50, 90's grunge, classical, classic, techno, some hip hop, some rap, hard core (ffdp), ska (big band) 50's, some 60's, 70's. Food I like: Chinese, Italian, Greek, American, Irish, Mediterranean, maybe more that I don't realize, organic fruits and vegetables (juicing.) Six things I could never DO without: In no particular order and besides the obvious like "air." Notice it doesn't say "LIVE without"... 1.) Unconditional love 2.) Intimacy 3.) My PC 4.) Cell Phone 5.) The soft, gentle, touch of a woman 6.) A woman that needs AND wants me I spend a lot of time thinking about: *The decline in value of the US dollar. On a typical Friday night I am: Well, since most of my friends are married or with significant others, I find it is like pulling teeth to get any of them to come out with me. So, I spend a lot of time by myself at home, or working. Occasionally, I might go see a hockey/basketball/baseball game, or go for a walk. MOSTLY I am finding ways to make extra money or expanding my mind to learn more by reading or research. The most private thing I am willing to admit is: Key phrase: "...willing to admit." Which means if I'm not willing to admit it (yet) I simply won't write it here. Hmmm... I am willing to admit that ... I watch reruns on DVD of the Red Sox 2004 play-off run through the World Series and the Celtics Championship play-off run in 2008!!! 101 reasons why I WILL be the best boyfriend/lover you’ve ever had. I like this because it’s a more entertaining way of displaying ones relationship abilities and what one has to offer. 1. I don’t mind shopping with you. 2. I can and do enjoy cooking. 3. I understand what you mean when you want me to “just listen” to you. 4. I, too, love to cuddle. 5. I have NO trouble admitting when I am wrong. 6. I love my mother without being a momma’s boy. 7. I will stop to ask for directions ... if my gps isn’t working right. 8. I understand that foreplay is more than just cuddling, kissing, caressing or fondling ... it starts WAAAAY before that. 9. I will remember our anniversaries and your birthday. 10. I take showers and wash every nook and cranny of my body … all the time. 11. I will get you flowers just because I love you (once I get there.) 12. When you’re with me you will feel like you are the only woman on the planet. 13. I will not stare at or check out other women. 14. I know how to make you feel special. 15. I don’t like fishing. 16. I don’t like racing of ANY kind. 17. I have all my teeth ... for now. :) 18. I am relaxed about my facial hair … Like me to have some? You got it! Like me to shave it off? You got it! But ONLY because I like both! 19. I like holding hands. 20. I shave my head. 21. My life is not ruled by sports even though I love my Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox. My favorite channel is DVR. (Digital Video Recorder) 22. I lift the lid on the toilet bowl and close it when I am done. It should ALWAYS be closed when not in use. 23. You won’t have to remind me to take out the garbage. 24. I like to lead you on a scavenger hunt at home leaving little notes throughout the house with a little surprise of some sort at the end, just to show you I love you. 25. I will bring you breakfast in bed ... sometimes. 26. If my feet are too cold for you in bed I will put socks on for you. 27. If you get scared I will comfort you. 28. I am not afraid to be lovie dovie with you, baby talk, for example. 29. You don’t have to ask me for a massage. 30. I will treat you like a queen. 31. I LOVE sex but it's not all I think about. 32. With me it is possible to touch and get close without me expecting anything more. ;) ... unless you WANT more :D 33. I will not hate your parents … any more than you do. 34. I clean up after my messes. 35. Life for you will be EASY if you let me love you. 36. It’s ok if you go out with your friends. 37. I will NEVER cheat on you. 38. Sometimes the smallest things make me smile. 39. I don’t care what YOUR gpa is/was in school if you even have/had one. 40. I’ll start your car for you in the morning ... even if we don’t have remote starter. 41. I will always seek to understand you and your point of view. 42. If we need a new roof I know how to fix it ... but hopefully we'll be wealthy enough to pay someone ELSE to do it. :) 43. I work hard at whatever I do. 44. I play hard too. 45. I value your opinion, no matter the subject. 46. I will consult you in all that I do before I do it from a hair style (because you have to look at me) to the purchase of a new vehicle. 47. I will respect your friends ... until and unless they do something that loses it. 48. My mother will not make you feel inferior. 49. If you want kids, that’s ok. If you don’t want kids, that’s ok, but be honest IN THE BEGINNING and give me a chance to digest it. 50. I love children. 51. I love MOST pets, have none of my own but love cats and dogs just keep them out of our bed. 52. I don’t think I’m better than you. 53. Being a Libra I am balanced as an individual ... a soft side and a rough side. 54. I’ll be ok if you make more money than me. 55. I know how to do household chores and I actually DO them. 56. I love life. 57. I know the difference between lust and love. 58. If you want kids with me I will love them and be the best father for them. 59. I’m not too needy but I do prefer to be closer to being smothered than being ingnored by my lover. 60. I will love to touch you. 61. I will always flirt with you and ONLY you. 62. You will have all the attention you could possibly want. 63. I would love to visit the In-laws without complaining. 64. I don’t smoke. 65. I don’t do any drugs. 66. It takes me 6 weeks to finish off a 6-pack of ANY alcoholic beverage. 67. I have an "at home" business and I am in the process of something much larger. 68. I will always offer you a bite of my food when we go out to eat ... unless we're eating the same thing ;) 69. I am down to earth. 70. I love to exercise. 71. I don’t mind being naked while walking around the house ... and I’m STILL ok if it makes you cringe ... though I would question the validity of your attraction to me if you ARE repulsed. 72. I am very child-like. Not child-ISH! Child-LIKE. 73. My body is always “ready” for physical activity including sex. 74. I WILL go to all the places you know I WOULDN'T go to if it were not for loving you and because I know it turns you on. 75. I always tell the truth ... so don’t ask me if you don’t REALLY want to know the answer. 76. I am supportive. 77. I am good with my money when I have some. 78. I will make it a point to take away (even if it’s just up north) for a couple days just to get away from regular life. I aim for once a month but will settle for no less than once a season. 79. I am not afraid of commitment. 80. I am human so I will make mistakes but I WILL admit them. 81. I don’t wear tighty whities. (Style of underwear.) 82. I make every effort to be as close to "eye candy" (sexy) as possible for you. I don’t want to make it DIFFICULT for you to find something physically attractive about me. 83. I don’t need glasses. 84. I have my motorcycle license. 85. I don’t NEED extravagant things to be happy but I'd still like some. :) 86. I think showering and/or bathing together is fun! 87. I pay attention to the little things that make you smile. 88. I’ll never ask if we can have a sexual 3-some ... Yet I will not be angry with YOU if you brought it up. 89. I will give you space if you need it (just not too much) but us men STILL haven’t mastered the art of reading your mind so you’ll still have to tell me if you DO need some. 90. I won’t compare you to my ex-girlfriends. 91. I don’t hold grudges. 92. Every morning when I wake up I will ask myself “How can I love my girlfriend/wife more today than I did yesterday?” 93. I love all kinds of music so unless you ONLY like country music we should always have something we can listen to/sing along with together. 94. Being WITH you (in your presense) is sometimes enough. 95. When I think of you, you will know it ... maybe not every single moment as THAT might be obnoxious since I'll more than likely think about you a LOT!! 96. I will never stalk you ... I'll pay a Private Investigator to do that! ;) 97. I’m not too proud to beg for a kiss (or sex) from you. Just don't make me do it ALL the time. :) 98. I will NEVER physically abuse you. 99. I will NEVER emotionally abuse you. 100. I will NEVER verbally abuse you. 101. Your lips, your body, and your mind will LOVE the way I kiss you.
Type of women seeking
I’m looking for: •Girls who like guys •Ages 32-45 •From The Philippines •For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, or marriage. You should message me if any ONE of the following is true: *You're from the Philippines AND you're a Libra. *You like at least 70 of the list of 100 above. *You know enough to know you want to know more. *You need a good man to relate to you. *You believe I am worth your time. *You think I have a chance at making your heart melt. *You want someone special to make great moments with. *You're tired of doing ANY of your favorite hobbies alone. *You want someone to cuddle with. *You're looking for a potential life partner. *You're a good kisser. *You're not going to marry for money or a green card. *You will smother me with love and affection, which I need, BEFORE you ignore me and want too much time to yourself. *You will be AS proud of ME as *I* will be of YOU. *You will/may question, but trust, my judgement if you don't understand the topic of discussion. *You ENJOY keeping your body in good shape for YOURSELF first, THEN for my pleasure, and NEVER think it's too hard to do and then give up because THAT'S easier. Hey, I work hard to stay in shape too! It's not THAT hard. *** My dream woman has no educational requirements. She does not smoke and she hopefully does NOT swear (use bad words) either. She is sexy but MODEST, clean, healthy and active, knows how to love and be loved without adding drama. She has plenty of her OWN money and does not need MINE to survive. In fact, if you made enough for BOTH of us to live on that would be super!! :) Don't worry, I would MORE than make that worth your while. She is satisfied with the total attention of ONE man. She is smart enough to carry on a conversation and she MUST SPEAK AND WRITE ENGLISH ... FLUENTLY!!! *** My dream woman is patient and not quick-tempered. She has a mind of her own. She is ok with being treated like a queen, and she enjoys the company of her man. She is honest, insightful, understanding and supportive. She likes SOME similar things that I like while still having her own things that SHE likes even though I may not like them. She knows how to stay calm IF there is a disagreement (since I am a passionate man and have a tendency to act ... well ... passionately in those situations). She is a one-man-woman looking for a one-woman-man. She does not lie and is not deceitful in any way. She seeks to understand rather than to be understood. She wants to be my best friend of all time and therefore naturally my one and only lover for a lifetime. *** She is not easy and has self-control to wait for the right time to be intimate. If all I was after was a woman to have intimate relations with I'd save a lot of money and just stay home. I can get that here in America. She must at least be spiritual or she trusts God to make ALL her dreams/goals come true. I am looking for a real woman with moral standards and values. *** I want companionship for a lifetime. I want to share my body, mind, and soul with just one special woman. I want to make one woman happy for the rest of my life. I want to multiply my joys and divide my sorrows and help YOU do the same. I want a best friend and confidant that I can tell anything and everything to. I want someone to share my deepest fears with. I want someone whose heart beats in time with mine. *** I have realize now that I am older that I may be limiting my search to too small an area of the world. Perhaps I have not found that special someone because I have been looking in all the wrong places. Where are you my twin flame? Do you want me to find you? Are you hiding among the tall buildings in a big city? Are you lost in a crowd of people on a beautiful beach? Are you waiting patiently for me in Peru? Perhaps you are in Ecuador, the Philippines, or Asia. Perhaps you are here in USA with me after moving here from another country? Please my sweet ... wait for me! I will come for you and take you away from your life without me. *** We will begin to come together and we will accomplish all our goals and all our dreams. Together we will end our existence as two individually complete beings and come together to form a complete UNION of one! Let me sweep you off your feet and I, in turn, will let you win my heart. Wait for me my love! Be patient and you will be a VERY happy and content woman on this planet. I'm slowly becoming your man! Not a PERFECT man but the perfect man for YOU! Wait for me, I am coming for you and I will take you away my princess!!! Love me like you've never been hurt before and I will make you my queen forever!!!
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