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Universal, Totally Unique Man Ready For Mutual Wonderful Soul Mate Relationship

Username: trader1mm

Country: United States

City: Jupiter - Florida

Date of Birth: 22nd-December-1959

Age: 62

Height: 5 feet 10 inches/177cm

Weight: 157 lbs (71.2 kg)

More About Me

Self Description and Interests
Hi there, I am a vey unique type of guy, not like a lot of men, nevertheless, I lead a heathy lifestyle except that I do not sleep as much as I should (trying to change that). I work hard, have my own business, I workout-gym, bike, tennis, golf, hike, Dive/swim, love family things, and my career as a top performing hedge fund manager. I love to travel with my mate and/or with my children (I have two beautiful children, son and daughter from my only marriage-they live primarily with their mother). I need someone who loves love and enjoys family activities as well as private intimate times. Versatility and intimacy are key words in my life. I will go out in business suits or casual shorts or jeans. I enjoy movies and plays and some concerts, reading, learning, FITNESS and health. Soulful Latin, new age, modern jazz, classical music and contemporary dance music moves me (I'm a good dancer). Romance is very important to me (really). People have told me that I want a storybook romance - that's what I give and seek in return. I am sensual and love to hug, cuddle, kiss and hold hands, make love, give messages and just love. I'm nurturing--a lover who can get lost in the moment. I prefer smaller more intimate gatherings to huge parties, even though I can be the life of a party if I'm known there. I don't care for much hard rock music even though I had a rock band in high school. I don't really watch TV unless someone else is watching TV while I'm doing something, except for CNBC in the morning, or a video or movie on the weekends. I do love big screen movies and I'd like to produce one in the next 12 years (it's a goal). Most of all, I sincerely love to be with my loved ones whether it's shopping, cooking, a day at the park traveling, camping, or just weekly projects.
Passion, interests and hobbies
My name is James Burn: My love, wherever you are, one way of the other, we are destined to meet. I feel you calling me across the oceans; listen closely to your inner voice, because I too am calling you. Find a way to find me or show me where to look for you because I am searching the world for you, but it is up to us to recognize each other when our paths cross and to then choose correctly. If I “know” and recognize your soul, then you should also “recognize” mine. Your inner voice will tell you. Listen to your soul—your inner voice--as you read this letter below; what does it whisper to you? If you are my soulmate, heed your inner voice and act on your soul's impulse, not just your individual ego wants or “tribal” conditioning… If you somehow think you “know” me and decide to write to me, send me a strong message. Even though I am happy with my life—I have a great career, wonderful family and friends, a good number who love me, and, I have had a number of relationships and opportunities for relationships, yet I still long for you. Know that we are seeking each other—you are my equal but perhaps opposite matched pair. Know in your heart that we share the keys that fit each other’s locks--the gatekeepers to the vast reservoirs of our hearts, minds and soul. With this, you can relax, let go and finally love again. I have seen you in many dreams; I can tell from your eyes that to love is one of your main purposes in life. You are full of love and a compassionate person…
Type of women seeking
I'm seeking my soul mate or twin flame. We must move each other on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level--a deeply connected true romance where growth and discovery is a natural by-product. Ideally, she would be sunny and warm, intelligent and compassionate. She in is fascinated by life, both the inner and outer world. She’s passionate about something in their life, be it her life work or family. She’s pursuing universal truth and love, yet is stylish, fun and also down to earth (Is that mutually exclusive?). She is soulful and interested in inner growth but not at the expense of a healthy life style including a lifetime of fitness. She’s capable of deep philosophical discussions but is also romantic playful and optimistic. She is versatile in her physical and emotional expression. Someone to cherish the times we walk the palm tree lined streets of Key West Florida or slopes of Vail Colorado, a long bike ride, a tropical reef or just a day at the mall, a day of lovemaking or time in meditation. I have tended to attract happy spirited women, or the intense type; mostly foreign, often somewhat exotic, very attractive, high cheekbone types. If you find yourself seeking self-actualization and hunger for a fun but a truly connected life, with mutual love and respect, then our compatibility should flow.
Relationship Status
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Children's Description:
Son 27 out of college, daughter 25, with one year left. Both independent yet very close to me.
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Bachelors degree
Business owner
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Light/social drinker
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Do not smoke
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